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Date: 21st July 2016
Expanded PTFE Sealant Tape
Ningbo Sunwell Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China expanded ptfe sealant tape manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, and we are also a professional expanded ptfe sealant tape company and factory, welcome to contact us. DescriptionThe EPTFE Tape is an inorganic sealant for static applications made of 100% PTFE. A unique process converts PTFE to a micro-porous fibrous structure, resulting a sealant with an unsurpassed combination of mechanical and chemical properties. It is supplied with a self-adhesive strip for easy fitting. Typical ApplicationsSUNWELL 1810 is specially suited for sealing flanges connection, pipe systems, hydraulic and pneumatic system, etc. Prime Features> Saves money and time> There is no scrap or waste, it costs less than other gasket material> Installation time is kept to a minimum since there are no templates, precut or special fitting requirements. SpecificationMedia: Acids, alkalis, solvents, gases, etc.Temperature: -240 up to 260 deg.CPressure: 100barPH valve: 0~14Density: Grade A/B 0.70/0.80 g/cm3Other density on request. More informations, please click the "PDF" download or contact with us.
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