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Date: 21st July 2016
Hard Mica Sheet
Ningbo Sunwell Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China hard mica sheet manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, and we are also a professional hard mica sheet company and factory, welcome to contact us. SUNWELL B502W -- Soft white mica sheet SUNWELL B502G -- Golden Mica SheetTypical Application > For insulating, used in metallurgy, chemical engineering and electric heater, etc > ElectromechanicalPrime Features > Instead of asbestos > High mechanical strength and good of heat resistance.Technical Data Item Test by B502G Binder content % ? 10~15 Density g/cm3 ? 2.45 Heat Resistance Continuous oC 500/700 ? Peak oC 700/1000 Weight loss continuous temp. 500 oC % <1 ? 700 oC % <2 Water absorption 24h/23oC % <1 Fire resistance classification ? 94V ~0 Dielectric strength 20oC kv/mm 25 ? 400oC C/1 hour, tested at 20oC kv/mm 13 ? 600oC C/1 hour, tested at 20oC kv/mm 10 Volume resistivity 20oC 10-16 ? 400oC 10-12 ? 500oC 10-9 Normal dimension: 1200x1000mm, 600x1000mm, thickness:0.2~80mm Note: UL Recognized component 94V~0 Flame class rating, file card E216697 Other sizes on requirements.
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