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Date: 21st July 2016
Inconel Spiral Wound Gasket
Ningbo Sunwell Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China inconel spiral wound gasket manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, and we are also a professional inconel spiral wound gasket company and factory, welcome to contact us.Alloy 625 (UNS N06625) is an austenitic ?nickel base superalloy possessing excellent resistance to oxidation and ?corrosion over a broad range of corrosive conditions. Even temperature to 1100 ?degree C, alloy 625 also has exceptional fatigue resistance.The material possesses a high degree of ?formability and shows better weldability than many highly nickel-base alloys. ?The alloy is resistant to intergranular corosion even in the welded condition.Spiral Wound Gasket Alloy 625 ?Applications: ?> Seawater; ?> Aerospace components; ?> Chemical processing equipment ?> Nuclear WaterChemical Analysis:CMnPSSiCrNiMoColumbium +CaTiAlFe0. and Oxidation Resistance: ?> The high level of chromium and ?molybdenum in Alloy 625 provides a high level of pitting and crevice corrosion ?resistance to chloride contaminated media, such as seawater, neutral salts, and ?brines; ?> Tests in geothermal brines indicate ?Alloy 625 is highly resistant to hot geothermal fluids comparable to Titanium ?Grade 2; ?> Tests in simulated flue gas ?desulfurization environments show Alloy 625 highly resistant to the environment ?in comparison to alloys such as Alloy 316 AND Alloy 276.Mechanical Properties:Yield ? ?Strength (0.2% offset)Ultimate ? ?Tensile StrengthElongation ? ?(%)430 ? ?MPa940 ? ?MPa51.5Physical Properties:Density: 8.44g/cm3Specific Gravity: 8.44Melting Range: 1280oC ~ 1350 oCOrdering Form: ?> SW600-625-R: 625 Strip, Graphite ?Filler or PTFE Filler, 625/FG or 625/PTFE; ?> SW600-625-CG: 625 Strip, Graphite or ?PTFE filler, 625, SS, or CS outer ring, 625/FG-CS; ?> SW600-625-CGI: 625 inner ring, 625 ?Strip, Graphite or PTFE filler, 625, SS, or CS outer ring, 625-625/FG-CS; ?> SW625-625-RIR: 625 inner ring, 625 ?strip, Graphite or PTFE Filler, Without outer ring, 625-625/FG;?Other styles according to requirements.Welcome to contact with SUNWELL to ?discuss about 625 and 625 Spiral Wound Gaskets, and Spiral wound gasket 625.
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